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    heya, just joined.

    Not really into bot armies, but i fancied a version of EQ thats far away from p1999, I prefer a bit of silk to roughing it.

    To start with willprob only play 2 toons at once. It best to run 2 seperate directories, on same pc? How do i make the second account, that on eq emulator forum or on here?

    Was suprised to see crescent reach stone in pok, that so drakin acan be played, and you have to zone out to pok....blightfire moor zone wont work?
    normally play, dru, rng, nec as main toons. sometime pally or mag. tried ber and bard, but am poor at both.

    I noticed in paludal that mobs backstab u from the front, that a hitbox thing??

    There anyway i can get my rng equiped with a BFG? for shitsngiggles?

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    Welcome to PEQ! Great place ( much better atmosphere than P99 ).

    The only reason to run a second directory would be if you want to have different file configurations on them. Just open the same directory twice ( give it a few seconds delay ).

    To create eqemu accounts
    1. login.
    2. <- after logged in go back to here ( so you aren't on the forums)
    3. Left side ...
    » » Loginserver Accounts
    » » » Create Account <------ CLICK THIS.
    4. Follow instructions and make accounts.

    Crescent Reach was added JUST to allow drakkin to be used and played. The rest of the expansion was not ready yet. It is currently not available on PEQ.

    Some people play as many as their systems can handle. Others play way less. Some try to play more. And some literally run servers to box on.
    Play what makes you happy :) Remember its a game and goal is to have fun. :)

    Defer this to someone that knows ALOT more than me. I have not payed attention to paludal. However, if you can confirm this doesn't match live. Place a bug report on these forums. There is a chance to get bug points and purchase rare GM only items.

    My Shadowknight has one. I'm pretty sure that quest was still in. :)

    Additional Notes:
    -Read the rules -
    -ROF2 Client is current client recommended. Titanium ( p99) client will have some issues. There are tons of reasons worth updating client.
    -Most of the server uses MQ2+E3 If you want to, good reference

    -Buffers are normally up in West side guild lobby. go near him and /tell Bocoh buff me
    -There is a player running a script to loan just enough plat to summon corpse. Make sure you pay it back or you can't use it again.

    -Guild Hall corpse summoners work ( for some plat)
    -Shadowrest will get all corpses daily. You can always go back there if they disappear.

    -Veteran AA's are active. Press V . Check the Last Tab.

    -Gear - Look for 1CP traders in the Bazaar. Everyone is in the Red Diamond section. the search doesn't work atm.

    -Bags - Buy Mixing Bowl for 1plat - Culkin Ironstove.
    He is outside on the south side of the Eastern Trader Building in pok.( up the hill west of the soulbinder).
    These bags are 10 slot/ Giant Size / 0.4 WT. and cheap.
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