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    I had a questions about the choice to remove defiant gear.

    While I understand that it is not era specific, neither is the massive exp bonus and defiant kept the lvling to gearing ratio in balance. This doesn't affect me as much as it does new players because I have an army that was leveled back when defiant dropped. But, returning to the game after a long break, I decided to start by leveling up a new group to get back into the swing of things... now I'm sitting at 41 after a couple days of grinding LDoN and my gear is garbage. Yeah... I could run to my guild bank and semi-gear up, but thats only because I have a guild bank with extra gear. But what do new players do? This isn't the same experience as original EQ. You didn't out-level gearing content before you found gear.

    Anyway, on to my question:

    If this decision is final, why does the gearing guide pinned in this forum still refer to defiant gear as the best method of gear 1-50?

    These seems like a strange choice considering there is:

    1) very little player interaction outside of /ooc so defiant would affect no portion of community game play.
    2) No economy that could be affected by people selling defiant armor, since there is no economy and no interaction between players past /ooc

    So, if someone doesn't like defiant, why not let that single player not loot it or destroy it?

    Thanks for the replies in advance!
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    I don’t like a lot of these recent changes either (rogue poisons really burns my biscuits) but what I do is containerize my thought process around what the direction currently is… [be as true to live as possible as it was during the end of Dragons of Norrath] any time my thoughts journey outside of that container of thought I have to force myself to just give up on the idea. There are some things they allow even still that are out of era that I wouldn’t want to risk them deciding to take away so I carefully tip toe around that since they’re much bigger concerns defiant was nice to get a group going, really nice.. I can’t lie… but it’s gone now is how I see it. Hopefully there’s stuff out there that’s sort of close that folks can either help with or something. That gear guide is still good it just needs to exclude the defiant which I believe it sort of does by saying not to rely on it since it’s a random chance. Been a while since I looked. If you need slots ask around I know I have stuff and I’m sure others do as well
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    the defiant drops dont really bother me, yes they were nice, but I can live without, them, have for 20+ years, but you want to know what really grinds my gears? them removing spells from vendors in PoK, I hate researching spells, I hate farming spells, however was it really that hard to keep those vendors, and remove out of era spells? I get wanting people to fight mobs xyz for the spells or do quests especially for newer content however, if you truly want to be live-like or in era w/e, then what they do on TLP servers is they release those said expansions that are new and then they arent available on PoK spell vendors until sometime later, when the expansion is wrapping up is that really hard to do?
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    the gearing guide is out dated, I am not sure if you saw but alot of the content pinned on this forum is player driven and not necessarily dev driven.

    for the most part PEQ is more so geared to testing out changes and in era accuracies to allow others to implement their own servers, era accurate or not.

    If you're playing on PEQ, I think a good chance you are veteran or this game or have played it to some degree.. Removing Defiant is not necessarily a big deal and you have PLENTY of avenues to gear up otherwise.

    Some of the other items on the gear guide still exist are completely obtainable with levels, aa's, and proper setup of ini files.

    Screaming into the ether that its not fair you cant have defiant, poisons or that you have to work to obtain spells now is generally not a useful way to spend your time and probably not a great use of time for the devs to read.
    Not trying to speak for them at all but most of ooc/forum threads are people just complaining that certain comforts that were out of era have been removed.
    1) its a free server that lets you play a full raid force.
    2) all of the coding for e3 has been done for you and it simply takes time to learn and get used to in order to setup a raid force to get everything you want accomplished.
    3) other free servers exist with the features you may be looking for.
  5. doeda

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    I was clearing PoP T2 in gear worse than defiant, just grind AA...it sucks but you can have the best gear in the world and have no AA's and well...still be a paper tank.
  6. Paulbrochill

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    Agreed - you could do the bare minimum in POP and prepare yourself for time/elementals pretty easily with paper gear. its really just about leveling, having proper ini files, and aa.