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Server Hardware Update

Every year or so I cycle out with new hardware and we're about due anyways.

We've upgraded hardware Sunday (20th) which has also dropped 20ms latency on average for users and has led to better server responsiveness around the board.

Server DDOS Attacks

We've been getting attacked with anywhere between 3-4Gbps to 60-80Gbps of attack traffic over the past few months. It has occurred sporadically so while it might be fine for a few days, the issue comes back and there's a whole new flavor of attacks with different signatures and things we needed to combat.

With the server upgrade, this also changes the network story for how the server is being fed mitigation wise. We have several layers of DDOS mitigation implemented at the server level. We have DDOS mitigation appliances that will vacuum malicious traffic based on known signatures, we also firewall all non-user facing traffic and have many iptables configurations to discard invalid packet signatures, malformed packets, fragmented packets, SYN flood rate limiting and a wide variety of other mechanisms.

All in all, we should be in a much better place for user experience. There's no guarantees we don't have to deal with something later down the road.

Double Experience

In the spirit of 4 days of server stability so far, we will go full 2x (Double Experience) through Monday (28th). I think we can do another sometime down the road in the near term since everyone has had to deal with this to some degree for a few months ago.

Thank you for your patience as fixing a moving and changing target certainly takes time.
Forum spam has been creative lately. Update on some house cleaning
  • Bots already get filtered through quite a comprehensive database
  • Some bots are somehow able to get through captcha, rarely but it happens
  • Users are now required to ask basic questions during registration which should help in the cases where bots manage to get past captcha
  • Direct messages that have been sent from recently offending users have been purged
  • Various patterns of E-Mail address registrations now get blocked entirely
If you are having issues legitimately trying to register, please check with #peq-public in the Discord
Halloween enabled for the next few weeks.

Double EXP throughout this week (Ending next weekend).
Enjoy 100% bonus exp through the 7th.
If you had a user that didn't get through approval on the forum, please try again. We've tweaked some of the parameters for user registration and questions used during the onboarding. This should also help reduce spam bot registrations.

If you have any issues please feel free to contact the PEQ Team on Discord
I am excited to announce that @ 1AM CST, the server will be going down to install the DZ / Expedition system that has been under heavy development by @hg (ProjectEQ community member) for over half a year and has gone through extensive testing on the ProjectEQ Sandbox Test server. The server should be down for 30 minutes maximum

EDIT: We are now live!

The DZ / Expedition system was introduced originally during Gates of Discord and then back ported into earlier content such as Plane of Time. More info here and here

ProjectEQ testing thread here

Expedition(s) Implemented
  • Barindu Sewer Expeditions x4
  • Vxed
  • Tipt
  • Ikkinz Group Trials 1-3
  • MPG Group Trials x6
  • MPG Raid Trials x6
  • Dranik Catacombs x3
  • Dranik Sewers x3
  • Dranikscar Hollows x3
  • LDON (everfrost x1 mirb) (rewritten)
  • LDON (ecommons x2 rujd, rujg)
  • LDON (butcher x1 mmcc)
  • LDON (South Ro x2 guke, gukg)
  • Rogue 1.5 Epic (oasis -- hateplaneb)
  • Rogue 2.0 Epic (natimbi -- mirb)
  • Paladin 2.0 Epic (natimbi -- dranikhollowsc)
  • Paladin 2.0 Epic (felwithe -- mmcc)
  • Paladin 1.5 Epic (nedaria -- dranikcatacombsa)
Expeditions still to be Implemented

Various members of the community have started on implementations of the below, once the dust has settled on the update the team will look at getting the following back ported to use the system
  • Plane of Time
  • GoD Raids (ikkinz 1-4, uqua, qvic, etc)
If any bugs are found, issues needing to be addressed, please use the testing thread above or create a new thread in bugs

Quest Changes
Server Changes link

The ProjectEQ Team
FYI: PEQ database dumps have been moved!

You can now find them at which will contain archives for the past 30 days and 1 archive for each month from now on. This will be generated at 3AM CDT every day

The latest dump can always be found here

The EQEmu server installer; and any other utility that depended on this for bringing in the base database will need to be updated to conform to the new dump format as seen below

File Structure

Magelo forum signatures that still had in the URL were mass-replaced with so that they continue to show up properly
As noted in previous threads; ProjectEQ has undergone a server migration, a hardware upgrade as well as an entire tech stack upgrade. ProjectEQ now entirely runs on containerized technology

This will help us in preparation for some future plans to be announced within the next few months

  • No more server reboots, we will be keeping the server online as long as need (or until we need to reset or reload content)
  • Zone times should be much faster
  • Server response times overall should definitely be noticeably snappier
  • Web tools are hooked back up

If you have not had a chance to update your Loginserver host and you primarily use ProjectEQ's Loginserver to login, make sure you update your eqhost.txt file to point to

If anyone notices anything broken out of the ordinary please feel free to respond in thread


The ProjectEQ Team
Because I do not have the ability to adjust the domain, I've switched us over to which is ironically the domain we used quite some time ago

You may need to log back in to get your password managers to pick up on the site properly

To avoid future issues, please update your PEQ loginserver eqhost.txt to

Thanks everyone

Akk and the PEQ Team