Adventures with New Hardware for this Old Game! Help Needed Pls.

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    Hi PEQ!

    I'm Kelld, lvl 70 Paladin of Onslaught, and I'm pretty new to PEQ and boxxing with MQ, E3, EQBCS, and all of this cool stuff that I really wish I would have gotten into years ago! What you have built here is amazing! My brother (Cuda/Drisst) and I built some new computers over the Christmas break, and I wanted to take some time to share with you our experiences. We have had some ups and downs, and there's some lingering issues that you the PEQ community may have answers to that we do not! In hopes for your help, I want to be very detailed about the results we have experienced so far in hopes it saves you money, hassle, headache should you upgrade soon. This will not be a short post.

    I'll first list our hardware specifications, and then explain some of the reasoning for those choices:

    AMD Ryzen 9 7950X - 16-Core 4.5 GHz - Socket AM5 - 170W Desktop Processor (100-100000514WOF)

    MSI MPG X670E CARBON WIFI DDR5 AM5 AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series SATA 6Gb/s ATX Motherboards, Wi-Fi 6E, 2.5G Network Solution.

    128GB of G.SKILL Trident Z5 Neo RGB Series 64GB (4 x 32GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 6000 (PC5 48000) Desktop Memory Model F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5NR @ 30-40-40-96

    Cuda/Drisst is using an
    ASRock OC Formula Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 ATX Video Card RX6900XT OCF 16G

    I am running an
    ASRock OC Formula Radeon RX 6950 XT 16GB GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 Video Card RX6950XT OCF 16G

    I am running an
    XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade M.2 2280 1TB PCI-Express 4.0 x4, NVMe 1.4 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) AGAMMIXS70B-1T-CS

    Cuda/Drisst is using a couple of older Team Group Gen 3 1TB M.2's for now until Gen 5 comes out.

    I have this PSU, Cuda/Drisst has the same thing but 1500 Watt version:
    CORSAIR AXi Series AX1600i CP-9020087-NA 1600W ATX 80 PLUS TITANIUM Certified Full Modular Digital ATX Power Supply

    Thoughts behind the above choices for hardware:

    1) I will always buy AMD over Intel due to security concerns regarding built in backdoors on Intel chips. (Ref Snowden Wiki-leaks. Do your own research on this, pls don't ask me. I don't wish to dilute the main purpose for this post.) Also I have been waiting for years for the next big jump in CPU technology. For 15 years CPU's didn't get faster on the MHz, just had more cores added was all. That has now changed significantly enough for me to warrant spending thousands of dollars to try it all out.

    2a) The MSI MPG X670E Carbon is the only one of their mainboards that has forward compatibility for Qty (2) 5th Gen M.2 slots. 5th Gen M.2's are not out yet, however, spending $1300 for an MSI GODLIKE makes no sense if the MPG for under $500 has this capability when the GODLIKE does not. As far as I know, this is the only newer X670E chipset board to have the forward capability to run dual Gen 5 M.2's in Raid 0. That may have changed now, unsure. Similarly, the ASROCK X670E STEEL LEGEND is the only mainboard on the market for this chipset that supports SLI and Crossfire for multi-GPU configurations. Pretty much none of the newer video cards and mainboards support this anymore. I bought one of these ASROCK STEEL LEGEND mainboards for around $300, however I accidently bent the pins :/ I still may yet salvage it. Socket AM5 has the pins on the mainboard like Intel now, not the CPU.

    2b) The other reason I bought the MSI MPG X670E Carbon is because EKWB was at the time coming out with a monoblock for watercooling the mainboard power MOSFETS and CPU. I pre-ordered the monoblock, and when I finally got it, IT CAME WITH A MAINBOARD! I had no idea when I placed the pre-order that it came with a mainboard pre-stripped for water cooling. I was completely blown away! I have yet to install that one and water cool the system, but once I do I will report back.

    3) We chose the G.SKILL Trident NEO's because they are using the new AMD EXPO chipset instead of the Intel XMP 3.0 chipset. The RAM we bought has the lowest CL timing of CL30 for 6000mhz DDR5 on the market. Plus it's manufactured with Hynix M Die chips, not Samsung. For many years Samsung B die was the undisputed king of RAM overclocking, but not anymore. While overclocking is not the primary goal of these builds, the capacity to OC says a lot about headroom and longevity when running stock.

    4) We chose the ASROCK 6900XT and 6950XT cards for a number of reasons:
    4a) The exacerbated costs for high performing Nvidia cards are not justified. Customers around the world, and even some manufacturers like EVGA are sick of Nvidia's market practices.
    4b) From a price vs. performance standpoint these 2 cards came in at a really good price point, which allowed for increased budgeting to other components. Currently the 6950XT OC is only $699 on Newegg. Before that we picked up Cuda/Drisst's 6900XT for that same price! Currently the 6900XT costs more than the 6950XT when browsing Newegg and Amazon. Odd. We also ran an ASROCK 6800XT Phantom Gaming D for a couple weeks, and it was awesome in EQ, and benchmarks. I honestly can't really tell the difference between the 3 cards in EQ !!! That was like $469 at the time I think.
    4c) The reason we chose the ASROCK cards is because all of them came with Qty (3) 8-pin power connectors instead of only Qty (2) like normal.

    5) Make sure you get a big enough power supply that has enough PCI-E ports on it. The Corsair 1600 and 1500 Watt power supply's do. They work. They last. I spend money for Quality, but I am Quality Inspector by trade, so my opinion is biased. You get what you pay for though. Your mainboard is going to have Qty (2) 8-pin plugs, and your vid card will have Qty (2) or (3) depending on what you get. If you are going to SLI or Crossfire, (which there isn't much point anymore), then you'll need a PSU that can take Qty (8) PCI-E plugs. Many cheapo 1000 Watt PSU's only have 5. So you can buy cheap garbage and max out the rails on it, but you'll see how long it lasts as you are taxing it to it's rated limits. It'll only last so long. Quality, headroom, future expandability are worth the extra money now than headache later.

    5) We wanted fast M.2's so we could run Raid 0 arrays for gaming. Unfortunately something happened to my order of SK Hynix Platinum M.2's, and I never received them. Currently this is the best on the market. I needed something RIGHT NOW tho, so we drove to Best Buy and fortunately found Qty (1) XPG Gammix S70 Blade 1TB M.2 for my build. It's blazing fast! I'm very impressed. Still if I was ordering today tho I would get Qty (2) SK hynix Platinum P41 2TB PCIe NVMe Gen4 M.2 2280 Internal SSD l Up to 7,000MB/S l Compact M.2 SSD Form Factor SSD - Internal Solid State Drive with 176-Layer NAND Flash. Hynix is now beginning to make products directly for the market instead of merely making chips for manufacturers. Expect this Korean company to do very well in the near term. 5th Gen M.2's are not out yet, but when they do come out, I expect Hynix to overtake Samsung in performance, and fortunately the MSI MPG board will take 2 of them, and still has 2 other slots for the Gen 3 and 4 M.2's, (but that will eat into your PCI-E lanes, be advised.)

    6) From experience I have always been partial to Corsair power supplies. They work, and keep working for years. I have a 1200 watt Corsair PSU that is 15 years old that still works. I have never had one fail.

    Now onto our results! Very mixed I might add:

    PROBLEM #1) I am absolutely pleased with the MSI X670E MPG Carbon and AMD 7950X AM5 DDR5 platform. The BIOS is very intuitive, easy to use, and has more options and features in it than I know how to use. I have had to learn a lot doing it. The primary limitation with using this platform in PEQ is you can't seem to run over 4250mhz CPU speeds. At 4300mhz or higher there is a MAJOR problem in PEQ. Your toons are vibrating and jumping, and moving at hyper velocity speeds that make the game completely unplayable. You can't fight, interact, click, nothing. But I bet you could run from WoS zone line through MPG to RSS in 10 seconds or less! I have not tried. I'm very tongue in cheek in pointing this out. That's like exploit crap which I am not into, but seriously the mobs still agro and you'd probably just die anyways. Cuda/Drisst can share a lot more on this bug, but suffice it to say, the game is totally unplayable under these conditions. Words can not even begin to describe exactly how bad it really is. Some people claim "Oh that's because you're never able play EQ over 4.2Ghz." For me this claim has no supporting evidence. In 2007 I was playing EQ overclocked to 5.1Ghz game stable using an AMD Black edition socket AM3+ on an ASUS Crosshair Formula-Z w/ Corsair Dominator DDR3 2000mhz RAM. Water cooled, and OC'd to the gills. I could take that chip to 5.4Ghz, but not game stable. That was 15 years ago! Therefore, the ability to run at 4300Mhz or higher on this latest platform is something endemic to the differences with this new hardware vs. that of previous generations. Now if someone was to tell me that the 4200 mhz limitation is related to PEQ and not EQ as a whole, I could buy that! Otherwise no, I do not buy that claim applying to all of EQ history.

    We have tried, and are currently using a software program known as Process Lasso. This has made load times with loading up the bot armies from MQ phenomenally fast. Zone times are incredible as well.

    However, the end result for us at this time is that Cuda/Drisst is running at 4000mhz and I am running at 4250mhz. We there for can't use the EZ OC option in the BIOS that auto detects when you are gaming and automatically clocks you up and boosts your CPU Core Voltage to support it. All within safe parameters. It's not extreme OC'ing, but is a really nice easy 1 click implementation. I just wish we could use it. As a result of us now under-clocking our CPU's, the mainboards know it, and automatically under-volt the CPU's to compensate. This is great! Fabulous! 1 less thing I have to worry about, and this will give the CPU more longevity.

    Still though, if any of you have any insights, ideas, or solutions to the 4300Mhx barrier in PEQ, please reply and share with "PROBLEM 1" in your reply. Thx.

    PROBLEM #2) It is not possible to run 4 x 32GB sticks of G.Skill DDR5 RAM @ 6000Mhz. Fastest speed we can run at is 5400Mhz with no tweaking, 5600Mhz with major tweaking of voltages, timings, sub-timings, and impedances. Running off of SPD timings is not an option at 5600Mhz. It's all hardcore OC style manual tweaking with much trial and error to get there.

    Here's the real take-away though: Running high volumes of Ram at lower speeds = much lower Ram utilization. This is GREAT if you are running 56+ instances of PEQ. With 128GB you might only have 4% Ram utilization. I am running 2 x 32GB sticks at the full 6000Mhz atm and my Ram utilization is 27% with 12 toons running and a web browser that has 30+ tabs open. Cuda/Drisst is also only running 2x32@6000 atm and he has 9 toons with Discord and Signal running and his Ram utilization is only 17%. With 36 toons running while all 4x32@5400, Cuda/Drisst had maybe 34% Ram utilization. with that many toons but using only 2 sticks, I'd expect around 48% Ram utilization.

    There probably will never be an ability to run 4 sticks, 128GB @ 6000mhz, not even with a future BIOS update. This is normal and to be expected. As we are able to log more toons in and test in raids with 54+ toons in both Ram configurations, we'll report back with further data. If you know how though, Please reply and say "PROBLEM #2" in your reply. Thx.

    This segways into Problem #3:

    PROBLEM #3) This one is bad. Cuda/Drisst can only run 36 toons with all toons keeping up no problem. At 42 toons or more, some just won't follow.


    Half go on strike and form a fist pumping picket line of "WoS NO! WE WON'T GO!" It sucks. We can use the EQBCS version from beta download at and run more than 54+ toons in a raid no problem, but good luck getting them all to obey regardless of EQBCS version or other settings. We have tried everything with regards to turning down graphics settings on bots, etc. This again seems to be a pretty hardcore limitation imposed by the newer hardware. Graphics settings make no difference. Can run at max settings with same result. It's as if this old game just wasn't meant to run on this newer hardware. If you have seen this issue before and know how to fix it, Please reply and say "PROBLEM #3" in your reply. Thx.

    PROBLEM #4) This problem only exists for me and not Cuda/Drisst, and it existed for me before the upgrade: If I am in a zone where it starts to rain, all of my toons screens will go black. I can see my UI, but not 3 feet in front of my face. The only solution is the Druid spell Wake of Karana to make it stop raining. Changing graphics settings make no difference. Copied Cuda/Drisst's C://GAMES/PEQ folder and copied my .INI files to it ran off of that and I still had the same issue. I suspect it is something in an .ini file or configuration settings file of some type. If you have a more permanent solution to this, Please reply and say "PROBLEM #4" in your reply. Thx.


    I went from playing my 12 toons, and no more, on a Dell laptop w/ 16GB of DDR 4 and an AMD Ryzen 3, to this! I have struggled a lot in game for over 3 months, toons falling behind, resulting in many wipes. Now I can play at max settings. I can crank up all of the graphics and my new build runs like a raped ape! It's such a night and day difference! The game is so much more enjoyable for me now. I am on month 4 now in PEQ and I only have 12 toons so far that are lvl 70 and 1250-1300 AA's. Because of the above issues, i'm not sure I'll ever be able to run over 36 toons on this new comp.

    This is very sad because we are talking about a multi-thousand dollar investment in hardware that at the end of the day runs extremely fast with awesome graphics, but is limited in core functionality when it comes to running bot armies of over 36 toons. That's why this isn't a graphics settings issue. We've tried all of that already. Now we are stumped. This is where I am hoping you the PEQ players who have been at this for many years may have some real insights that can assist us in resolving the above issues. At the end of the day, I do not regret my choices, because, I am playing a lot better than I was able to on my old Dell laptop. However, I'm not going to be able to reach the full potential of creating my own large scale bot army like many of you enjoy until someone with more knowledge than us can help figure these problems out.

    I hope the details and information provided help inform people so that if you decide to jump onto the Socket AM5/DDR5 bandwagon that you can manage your expectations accordingly. If you already have, please reply and share how it's running for you, especially if you solved any of the above issues.

    Thank you all for your time and for reading this very long post. Feel free to hit me up in game. I'm pretty much just living in MPG and RSS atm. Sigs done and /LFG for MPG Group and Raid trials.

    See attached pic. EXPO.jpg

    70 Paladin of Onslaught.
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    is your build on pcpartpicker? If not could I ask how much it cost?
  3. CE2JRH

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    This amuses me a little because I built a discount ~$1000 PC 10 years ago and I can run 24 no problem, 30-36 if I strip settings. Also I'm kinda new here too (a year or two of casual playing; 24 at Elemental tier in my progressionquest).

    To briefly be actually helpful; the thing that you didn't say in this thread is that you did a new clean install of everything; did you clone a hard drive, or did you do fresh installs of ...RoF2? Underfoot?

    #3) Two thoughts; the first is that sometimes my bots are unreactive to commands due to RAM usage or graphics lag or CPU usage; given your specs that should be impossible, but is it somehow possible that windows is filtering some of the instances accidentally and not letting some of the EQ instances get any usage at all, despite usage being available?

    #4) Uh, there is some MQ2 setting that sets your screen black if it's not the active window; uh, MQ2advclip or something like that. I wonder if it's a setting in there? Also, this feels like it answers my question about clean installs; there seems like there should be no way that a problem like this would persist through clean install, so you did copy settings or clone a hard drive or move an EQ folder or something, which seems like a huge mistake? Frankly, I'd format the hard drive and start from a fresh install of windows personally; whenever I get a new machine I don't copy anything initially; I do full clean installs of everything, the manually move over handfuls of important files. E3 stuff and EQ stuff I'd just rewrite by copy-paste rather than even move the files. Like...I wouldn't even copy a charname.ini or my loot settings. I'd let new ones forms, then copy and paste, e-mail to myself, copy-paste to reset them. I'm that paranoid.
  4. Kelldor

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    For the above parts in my build + the Thermaltake Tower 900 Snow Edition Tempered Glass Fully Modular E-ATX Vertical Super Tower Chassis CA-1H1-00F6WN-00ild
    the sub-total is $ 3,555. This does not include the thousands of dollars spent on parts to do a dual-loop watercooling system. I have not done that yet as I am awaiting a couple last minute items. it'll probably be a couple more weeks until I can get started on that. Going predominantly with EKWB parts, and PETG hard tubing.
  5. ultrax

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    Are you balancing the instances across all the cores with a bat file? EQ instances like to load into just 1 core leaving the rest unused.
  6. Kelldor

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    #3) I agree. S/B impossible, yet, here we are. Your observation about maybe windows is filtering some of the instances is intriguing. It sure seems like something is not telling all instances over the first 36 toons "/followme". It is as if they are not getting the instruction.

    #4) Clean install of Windows, but your are right, I copied the c://GAMES/PEQ folder to a thumb drive. I'll try a fresh install and see if that helps. It affects all toons so it's not a character.ini file, but, could be something in a general settings or advanced settings type of .ini tho.

    Using Process Lasso, we are able to assign all CPU cores to be available to all instances of EQ running. We are currently experimenting with that program to see if it can help with the bot count issue in #3 abv. Thx for the feedback!
  7. Kelldor

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    No. Using Process Lasso we are making all cores available, or at least cores 1-31 available to eqgame.exe, leaving core 0 for processes. If what you say is right it really seems to make the point of all of these large numbers of cores in cpu's moot, when it comes to EQ at least. I'm not sure how to do the .bat file method, but am willing to try it.

    EDIT: I think i misunderstood your point. So if I understand you correctly now, then YES, we are balancing the instances across all cores 1-31 except core 0. Pls see below screenshot under my reply to Zyrek. If I understand you guys correctly then we should be doing something like

    instance 1 is on core 1
    instance 2 is on core 2

    Or, all instances assigned to core 1 for example?

    Pls advise, and thx again folks!
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    Do you use EQaffinty bat ?
  9. Kelldor

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    No. CPU Affinity's are set using Process Lasso. See attached screenshot. This is how I have it set currently. I think Ultrax above was getting at something along the same lines. Please let me know how I should set this. Thx folks! Really appreciate the replies.
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    Yeah, #3 also sounds like it could be the CPU affinity thing to me; I've never heard of Process Lasso, but maybe try not using it and try using one of the tools someone else suggested?

    #4; yeah, dunno why, but my experience is that copy-pasting software is non-functional. It seems like so much software does obscure things in the install process, be it registry edits, putting material in different hidden folders, or god knows what else.
  11. Kelldor

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    #3) It was doing this in the beginning, and another player, Barbados, had recommended to Cuda/Drisst Process Lasso for setting CPU Affinity in order to try and fix it. I suspect it can with the correct settings. It's helped a lot in other areas: Toons load so much faster and zone way faster are the first couple that come to mind. So I have read here about a bat file but I have no info on what to do with that information. I found CPUAffin.bat in Creamo Utilities folder, but again, what do I do with it? What do I put in it? Where does it go?
  12. Zyrek

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    #change 255 to fit your purpose. 255 spreads across all 8 cores. # to use = 2^N - 1 where N=num cores how many cores do you have ?
  13. Zyrek

    Zyrek Orc Pawn

    But to answer your questions once you edit the file with a text editor and change N to match your CPu core count then save and put it anywhere and right click it and run as admin once all bots are loaded
  14. Cuda1169

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    So would this be correct then?
    2 to the power of 16 = 65,535
    so change 255 to 65,535 or do we do we count both physical and Virtual so the Number would be 2 to the power of 32 = 4294967295 ?
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    Problem #1 . READ THIS USEFUL INFORMATION AND HELP FIXING IT Problem is an Everquest problem. Not related to EQEmu / PEQ / MQ.
    Solution #1 = <- Its all in here!

    Problem #2 . Defer this to someone that specialized in overclocked. I can 100 box. Never had a need to do anything more than press the XMP button.
    Solution #2 - N/A

    Problem #3. EQBCS starts lagging behind and missing packets and will occassionally give you spam from broken packets too. More obvious the more you box. I box 100+ all the time.
    Solution #3. In Process lasso - For EQBCS.exe . Change the I/O priority to High (or something higher than your EQgame.exe) Change the CPU priority to High ( something higher than your EQgame.exe). (Use the always setting). Do NOT use real-time. This will lock out your system. Definately want to increase the priority of eqbcs.

    Problem #4 . Issue is related to mq2clip. Basically the clip plane has adjusted to be outside of the default settings and you are looking at the entire fog. (Basically instead of spreading across whatever the far clip plane is . mq2clip has moved the fog nice and close so you are looking at all of the fog from rain / snow / fog .... all just bunched up infront of you.
    Solution #4a use eqclient.ini files for main and bots. (Disable mq2clip. Manually set your clip plan on your main and alts.) No more issues. Set this in your eqclient.ini files.

    Solution #4b Setup your macro to adjust your eqclient.ini files for you . (see the 4b for a hint)

    Solution #4c Make a hotkey to set them on the fly.
    /setclipfg=/notify optionsdisplaypage ODP_ClipPlaneSlider newvalue
    /setclipbg=/bca //notify optionsdisplaypage ODP_ClipPlaneSlider newvalue
    (add those aliases and then make a hotkey like
    Line1: /setclip fg 20 (This means 100%)
    Line2: /setclip bg 1 (This means 5%)
    * warning you can set the MAX clip beyond the limits of the in game slider and will have SERIOUS gameplay side effects. Do NOT use /setclip fg 100 .

    Solution #4d Not allowed on peq. Use mq2clip AND mq2fog. disable the fog. ( Pointing these out before you try them )
    Solution #4e Not allowed on peq. Hex Edit the eqgame.exe file and remove the fog entirely forever. ( Pointing these out before you try them )
  16. Kelldor

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    Hi Chance/Barbados. Thx a lot for the detailed reply. Really appreciate your time and everyone else's. Thank you all.

    #1) That's very helpful info. I OC'd FX CPU's many years ago and played on live without issue. I still have that old hardware and am going to get it going again someday. Looking forward to testing. Currently running new rig at 4275mhz EQ stable. Doing good, no issues. Based off of what I am reading I will try to underclock the FSB and then increase the CPU clock multiplier. On this MSI board I think FSB is now called FCH Base Clock or FCH Bclk. Researching before I do. If successful I'll report back. If not I can be content with underclocking CPU to play EQ. It's not a big deal. EDIT: No joy. Was running at 4289mhz, some toons were stable, and some toons were fast. 4275mhz seems to be the wall.

    #2) For us it's the EXPO button, EXPO is AMD's version of Intel's XMP profiles. It's the same thing, same chip. AMD's new EXPO just uses different memory addresses where they save the JDEC and EXPO profiles is all. With 2 sticks of ram of double sided ram it's no prob. 4 sticks of double sided ram wont run at full speeds. It's a known issue, and is even in the mainboards documentation. All mainboards have been like that for many years. Larger sticks are dual sided, and the mainboards just can handle all 4 slots being populated with dual sided ram at full speeds. If I was running 4 sticks of single sided 16GB ram, instead of dual sided 32gb ram, this would be a non-issue. For anyone wanting to run 4 sticks of dual sided 32GB DDR 5 ram, specifically the same or similar DDR5 ram we are running (see above original post), if you want to kick it up to 5600mhz, it will take some hardcore OC style tweaking to get you there. I can help. Otherwise 5400mhz is the limit. Hit me up if need, but I accept no financial responsibility if you blow something up.

    #1 and #2 are academic and interesting. I won't take any more of your folks's time on those.

    #3 is the big one. Affects Cuda more than me because I don't have an army yet. I still set Process Lasso that way tonight. Preliminary reports from Cuda are no joy. I'm a few hundred miles away during the work week but will try to help on this either this weekend or next. We may have more questions then. Pls See pic and watch for more posts over the weekend. Is this correct?

    #4) It took me a long time to figure out how to disable MQ2clip. I am new to all of this and am not going to automatically understand the how and where mechanics of doing something that comes 2nd nature to you all. I eventually found it in MacroQuest.ini file. I set mq2clip=0. Is this what you mean? See bleow. Thx man! Just waiting for it to start raining now, lol! EDIT: I think it worked!
    #4a) Set the clip plane slider to 100% ? If yes, Done!

    #4b) You mean see #4c as a hint? Think there's a typo.

    #4c) Done on a couple toons so far. Just waiting for the rain now, lol! EDIT: Got the "This is not a valid command. Please use /help." error.

    #4d and #4e) Thanks for the warning. I won't do that. I am really having a lot of fun here and do not want to get booted.

    I can't say thank you enough to everyone who has replied. Really appreciate it.
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  17. chance

    chance Enraged War Boar

    4a,b,c,d,e were 5 different solutions to fix the issue btw. I've been dealing with it for years lol.
    But in game /plugin mq2clip unload. would have resolved it as soon as you zoned :)
    The macroquest.ini file edit and =0 would disable it before it loads.
    You can also delete the entire line to disable it as well. Any of those three options will disable the plugin.
  18. chance

    chance Enraged War Boar

    Your picture of #3 up there is just part of it. You want the I/O priority and the CPU Priority both increased. That doesn't look like the right application btw. eqbcs/eqbc/eqbcs2/eqbc2 ... and a few other names i've seen it under now. Depends on the build you have of it
  19. Kelldor

    Kelldor Orc Pawn


    The 2 on the right are from the beta version available at I was trying out that EQBCS cause someone in OOC said you can raid with more than 54 toons with it, which is true. Cuda was able to have more than 54 in a raid, they still all wouldn't follow tho. Problem #3 happens with both EQBCS versions pictured above. Below is where I got this from.


    That .exe is the beta EQBCS from above.


    Pls let me know if I should download and install a different one. As Ce2JRH mentions I want to do a full new install anyways. Thx man.
  20. chance

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