Dragons of Norrath Under Development

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By Kilz on Nov 6, 2017 at 8:06 AM
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    In case anyone was wondering, YES, we are currently working on the Dragons of Norrath expansion! Right now we are very much in the data gathering phase.

    If you've thought about getting involved in the continued development and expansion of this server, nows the time! We are looking for anyone willing to run the DoN group missions on live or test server and write up/parse the details of the mission. If your information is beneficial to the creation of the expansion, you will be awarded points to be used at the Discord vendor. Almars guide covers most of the evil missions but lacks a lot of emote information and NPC data. Posting the exact information thats on Almars guide would not help, we need more details. (Unless of course its a very basic mission)

    How to Parse
    • Video parsing is great for recollection
    • Keep '/log on' on at all times
    • Gamparse is a great parsing tool (requires '/log on' to be on)
    • Keep track of certain emotes / events that happen and document all the data
    • For named, please gather NPC data such as HP, min-max dmg, special abilities (rampage, flurry), attack delay, resists.
    Great resource for data gathering: http://wiki.takp.info/index.php?title=Data_Collection#Basic_NPC_Statistics_Collecting

    Great resource for resist parsing: http://wiki.takp.info/index.php?title=Data_Collection#Resists

    There is a learning curve to this, and it WILL take you some time to get in a groove. It's a lot of work, but it's also very rewarding. Now, we as the dev team would like to say that any and all help is welcomed.... however, this needs to be done CORRECTLY. I put it bluntly, if you're going to half ass this where we'll have to go back and fix it anyway, please just save yourself the time and effort. We need people that are going to be OCD about collecting the data and make sure it's right. For instance, I've spent about 6 hours so far on just TRASH for the first DoN zone(Broodlands), and I'm still not done.

    So! If this seems like your cup of tea, join us in discord and we'll get you going!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Kilz, Nov 6, 2017.

    1. Colin Nicholson
      Colin Nicholson
      Any Idea of when it will be out? Months? Years?
    2. Drogerin
    3. donnylad
      DoN still being worked on?
    4. Akkadius
      Dragons of Norrath is definitely still being worked on.

      The major blocker was massive systems unimplemented in EQEmu core. Both Expeditions and Shared Tasks both and separately have spanned between 6-12 months of active development each. Not counting time that folks have spent attempting each system and failing

      Expeditions was rolled out earlier last year and ironically Shared Tasks will be getting rolled out this week for testing on ProjectEQ's test server

      We will be posting testing details soon and will need testers around these systems specifically which will help unblock Dragons of Norrath development

      I wouldn't dismiss some Dragons of Norrath Alpha / Beta testing in the next few months either depending on where @huffin @Drogerin @creamo are on that side
    5. Akkadius
      Also its worth mentioning that the ProjectEQ content development team could use some help with Dragons of Norrath to help development speed

      They will need to speak to specific needs but if anyone wants to elicit their desire to help and what they are capable of helping with - it would certainly be considered