DZ / Expedition System Go Live

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By Akkadius on Dec 29, 2020 at 11:15 PM
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    I am excited to announce that @ 1AM CST, the server will be going down to install the DZ / Expedition system that has been under heavy development by @hg (ProjectEQ community member) for over half a year and has gone through extensive testing on the ProjectEQ Sandbox Test server. The server should be down for 30 minutes maximum

    EDIT: We are now live!

    The DZ / Expedition system was introduced originally during Gates of Discord and then back ported into earlier content such as Plane of Time. More info here and here

    ProjectEQ testing thread here

    Expedition(s) Implemented
    • Barindu Sewer Expeditions x4
    • Vxed
    • Tipt
    • Ikkinz Group Trials 1-3
    • MPG Group Trials x6
    • MPG Raid Trials x6
    • Dranik Catacombs x3
    • Dranik Sewers x3
    • Dranikscar Hollows x3
    • LDON (everfrost x1 mirb) (rewritten)
    • LDON (ecommons x2 rujd, rujg)
    • LDON (butcher x1 mmcc)
    • LDON (South Ro x2 guke, gukg)
    • Rogue 1.5 Epic (oasis -- hateplaneb)
    • Rogue 2.0 Epic (natimbi -- mirb)
    • Paladin 2.0 Epic (natimbi -- dranikhollowsc)
    • Paladin 2.0 Epic (felwithe -- mmcc)
    • Paladin 1.5 Epic (nedaria -- dranikcatacombsa)
    Expeditions still to be Implemented

    Various members of the community have started on implementations of the below, once the dust has settled on the update the team will look at getting the following back ported to use the system
    • Plane of Time
    • GoD Raids (ikkinz 1-4, uqua, qvic, etc)
    If any bugs are found, issues needing to be addressed, please use the testing thread above or create a new thread in bugs

    Quest Changes
    Server Changes link

    The ProjectEQ Team
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Discussion in 'News' started by Akkadius, Dec 29, 2020.