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    Basic Setup
    1. Register at
    2. Create a Login Server Account. after Registering and logging in to eqemulator.
      The login server account will be your Username when logging in to everquest on PEQ. You can create multiple login server accounts under a single eqemulator forum account if playing more than one character is desired.
    3. Download the Everquest RoF2 Client
      In the zip file will contain a client_download.bat. Run this as Administrator to start downloading the RoF2 client files which will go in a folder called everquest_rof2 in the same location as the .bat. You can move and/or rename this directory as needed, do so before step #4.
      the eqhost.txt file is preconfigured for you to log into the eqemulator login server:
    4. Download the Dragons of Norrath Release Patch
      Extract this zip into your Everquest RoF2 installation directory. You will get file overwrite warnings, that is expected, and you should accept the overwrite.
    5. Create a shortcut to launch EverQuest and bypass the EQLive patcher
      Go to into your EverQuest_RoF2 directory and locate the EQGAME.EXE file. Right-click on the file and select "Create Shortcut." You can rename this shortcut and drag it anywhere you'd like (most people like to put it on their desktop). Now, right-click that shortcut and select Properties. In the "target" box, you will see the path to the eqgame.exe file. At the end of the target add "patchme" (no quotes). Your target box should look similar to this:
      -If space in directory path:
      "C:\Program Files\Everquest\eqgame.exe" patchme
      -No space in directory path:
      C:\Everquest\eqgame.exe patchme
    6. You're ready to play now!
      Double-click that shortcut you just created, and login using the Login Server Account that you created in Step 2. Validate the ability to log in a character before continuing to the Advanced Setup below.


    Advanced Setup

    Using PEQ Login Server

    The PEQ Login Server is generally more stable, most players use it. You will only see PEQ , not other eqemu servers with this setting: you can revert at will by changing eqhost.txt back.
    1. Click the [Game Accounts] tab on forum, [Link from Eqemulator] then enter your in game login/password to enable that account for direct peq login.
    2. In your Everquest_RoF2 directory change eqhost.txt to use:

    • Only Approved macroquest builds are allowed, they do not include things such as speedhacking, warping, /zoning, map with npcs etc - these capabilities are illegal on PEQ. It is recommended that you exclusively use the build provided below with the RoF2 everquest client. The goal of macroquest on PEQ is to enhance gameplay, making it more fun, not to give an unfair advantage or otherwise exploit content.
    1. Download Approved Macroquest Build
    2. The extracted folder is called E3_RoF2 because it is a macroquest build only for the RoF2 client, and is packaged with the e3 macro
    3. Download and install the 2015 C++ 32 bit redistribution
    4. Start MacroQuest2.exe before starting any everquest clients
    5. The first time you log in with macroquest running, it will automatically start the e3 macro and perform basic configuration. e3 will be discussed later
    • Macroquest comes with a plugin called mq2autologin. It allows you to save your login information and character name, so when you start the everquest client it enters your credentials, selects your character, and enters the game - all with no action required.
    1. Open the file \E3_RoF2\MQ2AutoLogin.ini
      This file is pre-configured, do NOT change anything except the samples: AccountName1, password1, Character1. server name may in theory change based on expansion, so confirm that vs the date of this post
    peqtgc=[PEQ] The Grand Creation | Dragons of Norrath
    1. Test your change with 1 character first, but you may add as many accounts/characters to autologin as you own by copying and modifying those 4 lines:

    • The macro most used is called E3. It can run as many characters as your PC(s) can support. While it is perfectly solid for exp, it is tuned for max level and raiding where most of your game time is spent.
    • See the Macroquest/E3 section of forums for more information. You need to register and login to forums to see this section.

    More Information from other contributors:
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