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By Akkadius on Mar 24, 2022 at 4:30 PM
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    Server Hardware Update

    Every year or so I cycle out with new hardware and we're about due anyways.

    We've upgraded hardware Sunday (20th) which has also dropped 20ms latency on average for users and has led to better server responsiveness around the board.

    Server DDOS Attacks

    We've been getting attacked with anywhere between 3-4Gbps to 60-80Gbps of attack traffic over the past few months. It has occurred sporadically so while it might be fine for a few days, the issue comes back and there's a whole new flavor of attacks with different signatures and things we needed to combat.

    With the server upgrade, this also changes the network story for how the server is being fed mitigation wise. We have several layers of DDOS mitigation implemented at the server level. We have DDOS mitigation appliances that will vacuum malicious traffic based on known signatures, we also firewall all non-user facing traffic and have many iptables configurations to discard invalid packet signatures, malformed packets, fragmented packets, SYN flood rate limiting and a wide variety of other mechanisms.

    All in all, we should be in a much better place for user experience. There's no guarantees we don't have to deal with something later down the road.

    Double Experience

    In the spirit of 4 days of server stability so far, we will go full 2x (Double Experience) through Monday (28th). I think we can do another sometime down the road in the near term since everyone has had to deal with this to some degree for a few months ago.

    Thank you for your patience as fixing a moving and changing target certainly takes time.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Akkadius, Mar 24, 2022.