Plane of Time Revamp Now Live

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By Trust on Jul 27, 2022 at 6:46 PM
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    Overdue but not overdone. Plane of Time has received a much needed overhaul to be in line with accuracy of the event mechanics and to utilize the newer Dynamic Zone system that hgtw implemented a few years ago. This also closes up a few exploits that existed with the older implementation of the Plane of Time.

    • Full DZ Support with Proper checks for each stage
    • Phase 1 has proper shadowed bosses if you return after 12 hours to continue and are required to complete phase 1 again. These bosses drop no loot per lives setup.
    • Per live there is a 45s pre-spawn wait on each of the 5 Phase 1 trials
    • Each Phase 1 section has a 18 player limit, any additional players will cause a random player in that area to be kicked to PoTimeA
    • Phase 2 is time gated by the RP of the bosses walking and pausing at each "wave". They require no activation in each section unlike phase 1
    • Once you enter Phase 4, zoning in will bring you directly to phase 4 with no way to re-enter phase 1-3
    • Once you enter Phase 5, zoning in will bring you directly to phase 5 with no way to re-enter phase 1-4
    • God Portals will become active once the respective god is killed.
    • DZ requirements are Minimum 18 players, Maximum 72 players.
    • When the egg is killed, the RP Event will start and cannot be stopped. There is not much time before the entire raid is ported out at that point.
    • If you end your dz and return with a fresh dz you will not be granted any of your bonus time from the previous phase. You will be granted the standard phase time.

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Discussion in 'News' started by Trust, Jul 27, 2022.